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Happy Birthday, Heart & Seoul!

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

It's our One Year Birthday, and we're ready to PARTY!!

Group of Friends Singing Karaoke
"We gonna party like it's my birthday!"

Everyone knows that a kids first birthday is MAJOR, and we're bringing out all the stops for our karaoke baby's One Year Birthday Party!

Here's the best part...EVERYONE IS INVITED!!

Usually guests bring presents to birthday soiree's for the very special person. In our case, however, we're giving the gifts to YOU !!

We're giving away admission vouchers, group packages, Heart & Seoul swag, cash prizes, One-Year Karaoke passes, and a raffle for a FREE KARAOKE FOR LIFE PASS!

Oh...and did I mention the party is FREE !?

Come celebrate with us Friday, September 7th at 10PM!

Want to win FREE Karaoke for Life?! Click here


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