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Private Room Karaoke: 101

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

What is private room karaoke? If you’ve never been to Asia, Hawaii, or Chinatown you might have no idea. Here’s a brief synopsis of private room karaoke.

A group of friends getting their groove on in one of our private karaoke rooms.

Most people know karaoke. The Japanese art of singing along to your favorite songs. Koreans specifically started singing karaoke in private rooms which fit small groups of people. The Korean word for this is norebang which means “song room”. This type of karaoke is really popular in Korea and other parts of Asia. If you’re paying attention, you could also find private karaoke in big cities in the states. Especially in Hawaii. That’s where we got our first exposure to the private room karaoke style and we’ve been in love with it ever since.

This is why we’re named Heart & Seoul. The heart of American karaoke with our open mic area and the Seoul of Korea after Seoul, South Korea. We have an open mic area and four private karaoke rooms perfect for birthdays, study breaks, family nights, bachelorette parties, or pretty much any other reason you could think of to do karaoke. Now you know!

Can't wait to get going?! Reserve your room now!


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