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Introducing: The Karavan

Your dreams of having karaoke anytime and anywhere have finally come true! Party bus meets karaoke for an epic drive around town, a can't miss tailgate, or a parking lot party. Hit up the Karavan whenever you want to ride in style.

For only $100 an hour, you and your group can belt that Mariah Carey song, spit rhymes with that Macklemore jam, and get in your feels with that Adele melody, all while on the go. The Karavan is perfect for FHE, girls' night out, bachelor and bachelorette parties, tailgates, birthday parties, group dates, and any other excuse to take this awesome ride for a spin.

The Karavan has all the best parts of a private room AND it's mobile! We have 2 screens that can play over 40,000 songs, 2 mics, LED lights, and a disco ball! What are you waiting for?! Book your Karavan experience now by emailing!

Partying has been redefined with the Karavan. Go plan your party, your date, or come up with any excuse to try it out! You do not want to miss this!

The Karavan is for the ladies.

The Karavan is for the guys.

Tha Karavan is for everyone.

Book your Karavan party today! You do not want to miss this!

Go to to reserve your Karavan party.


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