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Pro Tips: How To Rock Open-Mic

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Group of women singing Karaoke
Ladies Night at Open Mic!

Listen. I am the first person to openly admit I am TERRIFIED when it comes to singing in front of other people. Even though I am fully aware that I have been blessed with some powerful pipes (Big ups to my Polynesian genes), I still get so nervous when it comes to singing for a crowd. The first time I experienced Heart & Seoul Open-Mic, I realized very quickly how special this place was. Between the cool atmosphere, the bumpin' songs, and the fun people, I knew almost instantly this was a safe space.

Private Rooms are so much fun if you want a more secluded night with friends, but Open-Mic is where the real party is at. It can be pretty intimidating the first time, so I've compiled 5 Pro Tips on how to rock your first night in Open-Mic!


5: Patience is Key!

  • I don't know about you, but anywhere I go, half the fun is people watching. Open Mic is no different! Order a Drink, sit back with your friends, and watch the different personalities sing their hearts out for you! Sometimes it can take a few songs before it's your turn to shine again, but nonetheless, you'll be up on stage singing "Bye Bye Bye" in no time.

4: "Be Prepared"

  • I may be referencing the best movie of all time (Circle of Life is my JAM), but we're definitely not talking about overthrowing your siblings! I like to think that most people, like me, have a playlist of songs that they sing in their car ALL THE TIME...and those are the perfect tunes to bring to the Open-Mic stage! If you have songs in mind when you come, it'll make you WAY less nervous. You've clearly had all the practice, now is the time to showcase you can really hit that key change in I Will Always Love You !!

3: Bring the Squad

  • Beyonce is always backed by the fiercest band and dancers she knows, so you should too! Not only can you pull them up on stage with you when you need more people to make your performance of the YMCA accurate (I mean, hello, there's 6 characters in The Village People) , but they're also great for moral support. You already know they love and support you, now they can love and support you while on stage!

2: Love Thy Karaoke Neighbor

  • Speaking of love and support, here at Heart & Seoul, we are all about acceptance. Anyone who comes to sing with us won't be judged, and that includes you! We all know how scary it is to be conquering our fears, so we anticipate anyone and everyone who party's with us will be just as loving and supportive to everyone else, just like we are with them!

1: Give it All You Got!

  • As soon as you step on stage and the lights shine down on you, it's go time. The music starts, you take a deep breath and give us the show of a lifetime! Once you're in the groove and the party is going, you'll forget all about the nerves you had while the song before you was playing. After the first verse and feeling like a true contestant on The Voice, you'll start adding more and more songs to the queue!

Basically, if you come ready to party, you'll be all set! Invite some friends, get a few sodas, and warm up your vocals for a good time!


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